trauma and domestic & family violence recovery


There are many forms of violence and there is a misconception that it is not abuse if it is not physical.

To gain power and control over another person tactics can be, coercive control, intimidation, emotional abuse, gaslighting, isolation, systems abuse and financial control. Minimising, denying and blaming another person for their choice of violence, stalking, tracking and monitoring your movements are also forms of abuse. Experiencing any of these forms of control can have a life long impact on a person.

A person who has experienced intimate partner violence may be experiencing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. These symptoms can include feeling unsafe, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, emotional withdrawal, and helplessness, low self-esteem or panic attacks. Self-blame, shame and guilt are also affects from witnessing or experience intermit partner or family violence.

My approach to supporting someone who has experienced intimate partner violence or family violence is individualised and you will be respected, heard, treated with compassion and sensitivity.


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